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Is your space lacking the joy, peace and harmony you so desire?

Does your home currently feel like the opposite of the cozy and inviting haven you want to come home to everyday?

Is your space chaotic and disorganized leaving you constantly wondering where things are?

life organized 

from chaos to clarity

I'm Peri Patel and I help you go from chaos to clarity.

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then it’s time to be clear!


Yes, Peri, I’m ready!


Eliminate the daily search for missing or hiding mundane items.​

Ensure your day starts on the right foot.  

Decrease time spent hunting for things and money wasted on buying them over and over.​

Increase quality time doing things you love.​

Take charge of your life by knowing exactly what you have and why.


I know how it feels like to be disorganized!

Not too long ago, my home and my life were in constant disarray and on a daily basis.

I felt like life in general was spinning out of control with little clarity everywhere and I was over it.

I made the best decision for myself and my family the minute I decided to hire a professional organizer to help me take charge of my chaos.

It was a life altering process and the results are long-lasting. Now that my home is organized, my life feels calm and anxiety-free.

Being organized is the foundation for everything.

Living A Life Uncluttered has made me feel in control and ready to tackle whatever comes my way!


I work with clients to help them create an organized, efficient, and functional space. I offer simple and practical solutions that serve and adapt to your optimal way of living.


I help examine and determine what is needed, what needs to go and how what remains needs to work for you.


I love working on closets, pantries, kitchens, laundry rooms, home offices, bathrooms, gift/toy closets, playrooms and any other space that needs attention.


Need a closet or garage installation?

I also partner and work with an amazing designer from The Container Store who will design a functional yet dreamy space to meet your individual needs.  

Every job brings new ideas, novel experiences and innovative solutions to use our spaces anxiety free. Every place I visit is unique, and I continue to invent more ways to organize homes in a way that is easy for our families and visitors to understand.

Would you like to benefit from my daily discoveries?



& Clutterologist

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