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What Clients are Saying


"My closet, pantry and laundry room are fabulous! I am so happy Peri 'fixed' everything for me. Huge difference in my life and easy to maintain! It makes me want to STAY organized! Grocery shopping is easier. Laundry is easier can't say enough good things!"

Carrie Ball, MD


"Peri is a real professional, so skilled in her craft. She has an artist’s touch; everything she places lands in the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement.  I really appreciate her gentle, nonjudgmental approach as everyone’s home is their sacred space, filled with personal things and personal clutter.  She has not only helped me organize multiple spaces in our home, she has supported me in creating new practices and intentions for programmed spaces. Working with Peri has been more like working with a friend.."

Anat Shaw


So much fun getting to organize my house and have so much fun with my good friend all at same time! Peri is so talented!

Alli Casey


“I loved working with Peri and was so happy with the end result in my closet! She was organized, efficient, thoughtful, trustworthy and provided great advice and communication throughout the process.”

Sharmila Anandasabapathy, M.D. 


"Magic!  Magic is what happens when Peri organizes your space.  If you are like me and get overwhelmed with where to begin, Peri creates a plan of action and breaks it down to make the process manageable.  It is extremely helpful to have someone who doesn't live in your space, objectively view and review your space.  Peri is very creative and we were able to maximize the space I had, as well as organize everything more efficiently.  If you need help with one challenging room or space, or you want to go all in and do all of them, I highly recommend Peri to help with your transformation.  An organized and decluttered space brings joy and good energy!  More important than ever, as many of us have spent more time at home this past year."

  Jennifer Davis


"Our office was a busy one- and looked like it! An open office format does not function well when there is clutter and it drove me crazy. I really had no idea how much we needed Peri until after she transformed our space. I could think and breathe again!  Our whole office was energized! The tools she put in place- labels, containers, shelving with a well-thought-out work flow- helps keep order in the midst of chaos. Even the coffee bar now shines at a whole new level. Money well spent.

Five stars".

 Barry Stiles, Founder TRUEGRID Pavers


“Peri created a simple organizational system that creates ease in my life as a busy mother. Her system is easy to follow (and/which) created clarity in my life.” 

Betsy Widelitz, NC 


 "I had been putting off organizing for so long thinking I could tackle it all myself. Peri was so easy to work with and  immediately figured out what I needed. I feel like a weight was lifted and over a year later I’m still using her systems to keep things organized! "

Lauren Ziff


"Peri was so great to work with. She organized both my pantry and master closet and I love it. She had organization ideas that I would never have thought of, and they made a huge difference. Plus, it was so nice to not have to figure out which containers I needed. 

I highly recommend Peri!"

  Kris Sonneborn


 "I was so happy to work with Peri Patel when I moved into my recently remodeled home. I was overwhelmed with boxes and was unclear how to work with the new space. Peri has amazing spatial awareness. She can take one look at a space and know exactly how things can fit in in an organized fashion. She knew exactly what products I needed to organize my space which saved me a ton of time and money in buying the wrong things. Once I was able to clear out clutter and things I no longer needed, she worked incredibly fast to organize my kitchen, office, and garage. Her methods have also been very easy to maintain and will be long lasting in our home. I would 100% work with Peri again for an organizing project. She is fun to be around, but also takes your time seriously and does not waste time. Everyone who comes into my home is beyond impressed with how organized it is! "

Leah Madof


"I hired Peri as I was moving out of my last house to help me decide what to pack, store, donate, trash and then continued using her for every single room of my new house. I've now been in my new house two years (with three kids) and things are STILL orderly.

Best decision ever to hire Peri! "

Kasia McCormick, Compass Real Estate 


"Peri is a delight to work with-- Super fun and great at what she does!"

Zooey Martin

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