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Clearly the Best!

People always ask me about the products I use when organizing, specifically those from The Container Store. If you are like most people, you fall into one of two categories. Number one: you walk into a store like The Container Store and glaze over…. it’s too overwhelming. You end up wandering around in circles and leaving empty handed. Number two: You buy everything in sight and then get home with NO idea where to start.

Here’s a quick list of my top 5 favorite products and why they made my list. I have also included my nickname for several of the products… just for fun 😊.

1. InterDesign Clear Linus Divided Lazy Susan aka “twirlies”. There was no question which product I would crown number 1… I simply LOVE this lazy Susan. Of course, it’s a clear container and y’all all know how important I think that is! It also made my list because of its versatility. In my home I use this in our kitchen cabinet to organize my supplements, in our downstairs bathroom to hold medicine/first aid supplies for my kiddos, and in my master bath to arrange my daily use products (deodorant, toothpaste, moisturizer, etc.) In pantries I love to use it for baking supplies like icing, sprinkles, and food coloring.

2. Linus Large Rectangle Storage Binz Clear aka “Rectangles”. It goes without saying that it’s a favorite because…. You guessed it.. it’s clear! Like the lazy Susan above, this product is also extremely versatile. I don’t think there isn’t a room in the house that wouldn’t welcome being organized with these bins! They are literally all over my house. They hold kid snacks in my pantry, store extra soap, shampoo/ conditioner and toothpaste above my toilet, and are great dividers in the deep drawers in my office.

My other favorite use for these is in the kitchen to hold small appliances and their component parts. I keep my Ninja in one bin and my hand mixer with its blades in another. In the same family as the rectangle binz are the Narrow Rectangle Storage Binz Clear aka “Skinnies”. They are equally as wonderful.

3. Modular Canisters – Sorry friends, no cute name for these other than awesome! My pantry is full of these clear, stackable containers. The lids are easy for my boys to get on and off while still having a tight enough seal to keep the contents from becoming stale or loosing their “crispness”. I am also a fan of these because they come in such a variety of sizes – we love the extra-large ones which keep our favorite snacks (Cheese Its in my house) fresh as can be!

4. Stackable Wire Storage Baskets with Handles- I only recently discovered these and they quickly became a favorite. They look so cute with the Bin Clip Label Holders. I have primarily used these in pantries and I like that they look good if you turn them longways or have them facing forward (depending on the depth of the shelf). Typically I am in favor of taking contents out of their original packaging but when dealing with boxed rice/pasta, baking mixes, etc. and your preference is to keep them in the box, these metal bins are a perfect solution to keep the boxes expertly organized while still providing a nice look and feel in your space. The shallow basket is ideal for the lowest shelf in your pantry if you want to make snacks easily accessible for kiddos.

5. And last but certainly not least…. the Clear Storage Boxes Cases. Yes, they are clear and yes, the come in a variety of sizes- are you seeing a pattern here? Favorites from this collection include using the shoe box, men’s shoe box, and tall shoe box to organize toys or in laundry/closets to store batteries, adhesives, and hardware just to name a few. In my gift closet I use the sweater and deep sweater boxes for extra gifts and extra gift bags while tape, gift tags and ribbon are in the small accessory boxes.

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