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Peri + the Label Maker​

The time Sofia and I spent working together on my space was life changing to say the least.  Gone were the days of "Where is this?" and "Honey, do we have any batteries?" Things were finally in their proper place (an appropriately labeled clear bin of course…. but more on that later). So here I was enjoying a mostly perfectly organized life (I mean as perfect as it can get living with 3 boys) and I felt free of stress, anxiety... finally there was clarity. I could get used to this. I was addicted to organizing.... and to my label maker.
Peri + Clutterology
Although I didn't realize it at the time, the countless hours spent with Sofia  organizing my space was the beginning of my Clutterology training.  The end of 2016 found me happily living my best organized life and there was no turning back.  And lucky for me, Sofia had a hunch I might not be done with this organizing thing. In her own words:
"A particular client and I, who I’d been working with for almost a year became inseparable friends, like sisters, on and off the clock. As a client, she took what I did at A Life Uncluttered seriously and was diligent with it from beginning to end. She let me get her uncluttered and get her space in order. As a friend, I couldn’t ask for a better human to be friends with. 2 weeks before I left Houston to move to Portugal, on a purely hypothetical basis, I somehow was inspired to ask her if she would be interested in starting her own professional organizing career. I could see her making this process her own and she knew all the things to do to get organized by the time our work was done."    
And the rest is history! 
Peri + My Path

My organizational journey began in 2015 after reading a Facebook post about a professional organizer here in Houston.  Although we had lived in our "new" house for over a year I still didn't feel settled. I knew there must be a better way to utilize our additional storage space and I couldn't shake the feeling that things just weren't in the" right" place. I also knew that I couldn't go one more day hearing, "Mom, where is my (insert basically any word here LOL)??? or watch my husband panic as he was leaving for work and inevitably not be able to find (again, insert basically any word here).  My gut just told me there HAD to be a way to make life easier for all of us.  Enter Sofia Alvim, a Professional Organizer  who had spent the last 10+ years helping her clients let go of clutter and get organized in their homes and businesses. She was just what the doctor ordered.


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