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Why "Let's Be Clear"?

The process of removing clutter from your life and your space can be an emotional experience. It is important to be clear and acknowledge those feelings (happiness, sadness, etc.), share them if you feel so inclined, and recognize that even though you are letting go of something, the memory/feeling it evokes will always be clear within you.



It's important to be clear with me as we work together.  I recognize that opening your personal space to me can leave you feeling exposed but I am with you each step of the way. I can help you achieve a less chaotic life. You can help me by:

Being present in both mind and body (to the best of your ability) as we collaborate and organize your space. The key word here is collaborate which by definition means work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.  Together we are working to create clarity in your life and it’s best done when we work as team.



​The most valuable tip I have learned just happens to be the inspiration behind the name Let’s Be Clear.  To know what you have you must be able to see it. Using clear containers in your space provides clarity. How will you know when you’re out of cereal if it's still in the box? 

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